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Our expertise, skills, and authority enable us to assist every business in getting the most out of its senior teams. Whether it’s your next board meeting or other high-level development events, our leadership facilitation activities will help you harness their potential. My primary speaking topics can be adapted for your organization or event.


Regardless of the aspects you want to cover or the timeframe you have — be it an hour or a full day — we’ve got you covered.

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of association members consider speaker diversity a necessity

Looking for a business-savvy speaker who has more to offer than just words? I help rising stars prioritize their purpose and empower them with tools to dominate their call to excellence.


In 2019, a groundbreaking Association Forum study revealed that 64% of members considered speaker diversity a necessity, while only 46% agreed that their conferences had achieved it. 

Having speakers and presenters from diverse backgrounds supports inclusivity because it brings a variety of perspectives and ideas to the table. When people with different experiences and backgrounds come together, they are more likely to generate creative and innovative solutions.

Diversity in speakers and presenters can help create a more inclusive and welcoming environment for all attendees, regardless of their backgrounds. Furthermore, it also helps to break down stereotypes and biases, make the event more representative of the community it serves, and attract a more diverse audience. This leads to a more inclusive and equitable workplace.

We partner with you to develop diverse leaders.

Where possible, we work to combine diversity data analysis and documentary insights from confidential one-to-ones and group conversations with a sample of your staff and business leaders. We can then design and host sessions on progressing toward inclusion maturity and a workplace culture emphasizing equity and belonging from the top down.

Leadership Presentation


Our presentations are enriched by the lessons we have learned by coaching diverse organizations and individuals. Your audience will gain practical insight from our lived and work experiences. We will not only teach your leaders how to authentically increase employee engagement and enthusiasm, but we will also show them how to boost team morale and motivation in order to achieve organizational success. Equip your leaders and managers with the necessary tools which inspire organizational greatness and synergy.


It is important for audiences to feel represented at events, in order to unlock innovation and empower positive change. A diverse panel allows attendees to see themselves on stage, and therefore strive to push the boundaries of their respective industries, and reframe their perspectives. If you value intersectionality as a framework for deeper understanding, your inclusive conference panels conference panel encouraging a diverse array of opinions, experiences, and beliefs is one we’d love to be a part of.


To lead with an inclusion lens, it's important to be willing to adapt your communication, behavior, and thought processes when interacting with people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. In today's increasingly multicultural and multifaceted organizations and teams, it's common for people to lack the necessary training to lead and communicate across dimensions of diversity effectively. One way to address this gap is by hosting a round table or forum to discuss inclusive leadership and brand development with your leadership team.


If you're looking to involve your leaders in setting the strategic roadmap and vision for your corporation, consider hosting an interactive workshop. This is a more interactive and engaging way to gather input and ideas from your leaders, rather than simply sending them a questionnaire. At the workshop, we can facilitate discussions and activities to help your leaders feel more invested in the process and contribute to the development of a solid brand strategy. If you need help with delivery, let us know! We’re here for it, and here to lead it.

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Boards of directors typically strive to create well-rounded boards with the necessary skills and capabilities to govern their organizations effectively. However, there may be times when the board lacks expertise in a particular area and could benefit from the guidance of an outside professional. In these cases, it can be helpful to have an advisory council member with specialized knowledge to fill that gap and provide valuable insights. This is just one example of how an advisory council member can support and enhance the work of the board.


In order to create the most effective facilitation activities for your organization, we will first familiarize ourselves with your culture and values by reviewing relevant documents and speaking with key figures as needed. We will also conduct a needs analysis to understand your current challenges and key messages. As experts in inclusive leadership, we will ensure that diversity, equality, and inclusion principles are integrated into the design process of the interactive session for your delegates. Our goal is to create a tailor-made experience that reflects your unique context and needs.


of managers and leaders say they’re “too busy” to implement diversity initiatives or hire diverse employees in their company

By fostering a culture where all voices are heard, and all perspectives are valued, your company can tap into a broader range of ideas and experiences, which can drive innovation and better serve customers.

Creating a culture of inclusivity can lead to success for your company. Unfortunately, according to Built In, an online community for startups and tech companies, 41% of managers and leaders say they’re “too busy” to implement diversity initiatives or hire diverse employees. One of the most efficient ways to get started is to invite a speaker to acknowledge and support the issues that matter most to staff.
Creating a respectful and inclusive environment can make your company a better workplace, leading to increased employee engagement and productivity.

Because we believe a rising tide lifts all boats, we share our knowledge, passion, and experience to help those with a vision and purpose develop plans for success. Reach out if you have something new in mind!

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