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Is Being a Motivational Speaker a Good Fit For You?

Becoming a motivational speaker may be a natural fit for you. Think back to your life experiences. Aren't there enough lessons to share with others? Have you learned valuable lessons from the experiences of others as well?

It's honorable to want to motivate others. You probably feel the need to help others just as your experiences have helped you.

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Before you head out into the world of motivational speaking, consider this: Do you have what it takes? If you're not sure, consider the questions below. If you answer "yes" to most or all of them, you may just be looking in the right direction.

Answer these questions to determine if becoming a motivational speaker is for you:

1. Have you helped others before? This is the first question to ask yourself. This can help you determine if motivating others comes naturally. Having a giving spirit is an important character trait for motivational speakers.

Is your assistance extended to only people you know? Or do you reach out to strangers as well? How can you further develop your motivational skills? It's a good idea to get some "structured practice" before diving in head first.

2. Are you emotionally strong? No doubt, you've been hit by rough times. Emotionally tough circumstances test resolve and strength. Have you been able to remain emotionally strong at such times?

This is important when helping others. Remember, people who feel discouraged sometimes experience emotional breakdowns. It’s important to be able to show them how to use inner strength to get through tough times.

3. Do you handle tough situations well? It's one thing to make it through tough situations. It's another thing to handle them well. This is a combination of maintaining composure and finding alternatives. Being able to focus while undergoing emotional battering can be tough!

Maintaining composure during tough situations requires 100% resolve to achieve the desired outcome.

It's important to know the outcome you want from a situation. Once you have that point of focus, keep it at the forefront of your mind.

4. Are you comfortable in front of an audience? How much experience have you had presenting to an audience? Regardless of the size of your audience, presenting requires solid confidence.

If you haven’t had much experience, start now. Round up your family and closest friends. They’re your biggest supporters. Perhaps they’re willing to provide constructive criticism.

The next step would be to expand your audience. Include people without personal attachments to you. Being able to convince strangers is crucial to being a motivational speaker.

5. Can you handle challenging rebuttals? Not all your advice will be accepted by everyone. In fact, some will dare to challenge you! Are you up for that? Can you provide enough substance to support your beliefs?

Maintaining composure in front of a tough audience can be difficult. It takes practice. Just be sure to give advice you really believe in. That way, it's easier to stand behind your comments.

Wanting to motivate others is an admirable goal. Many people in the world need the advice and guidance of someone else. If you think you're that person, go ahead and make it happen.

You probably already helped others in need. Extend that assistance to a wider audience. Listen to your calling and follow the desires of your heart!

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