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Personal Branding Allows You to Attract Your Ideal Audience

Tony Robbins is an American life coach, public speaker, and author who started by constantly sharing his ideas of self-empowerment with people. Everything he says, his videos, books all bear the same brand message which says; you can develop yourself into a powerful individual and I can help you do that. Gradually he built his personal brand around this and became the go-to person when it comes to self-development.

Today, Tony has had huge success attracting an endless stream of audiences to himself, people filled with the desire to fulfill their potentials. These millions of people read his books and make up his large number of followers on social media. By consistently building his personal brand over time, he now has people flocking to him for advice. Hence, he reaps from this by charging a premium price for his services.

I told you this short story about Tony Robbins so you can understand the effect of personal branding when it comes to attracting your ideal audience. Becoming known as an expert in a particular field comes with the unique benefits of; attracting your real audience, getting referrals from others in the industry, and also allowing you to charge a premium price for your services.

Would you like to become a thought leader with credibility and reputation in a particular field? If you would like to have the Tony Robbins effect, here’s a good set of strategies to attract your ideal audience using your personal brand.

Figure out who is your ideal audience

The first step to attracting your ideal audience is to discover who they are. For example, if you’re a consultant, your target audience should be corporate clients, if you’re a coach, you must be looking for individual clients, while a leadership brand might need both types of clients. From forming your target audience, you can drive down further to discover who your ideal audience is.

Your ideal audience is made of people who would want to conduct businesses with you. To determine who these people are, you will need to conduct market research and create an acquisition plan. Create a persona of who these ideal clients are with their detailed profile and why they would need you.

Appeal to your ideal audience

Your target market can be attracted to you for different reasons. This can either be rational or emotional. The rational reasons refer to the solid qualities that people would trust or depend on you for, while the emotional reasons refer to why they want to be around you. You must learn to appeal to your target audience in these two ways.

When people are interested in working with you, they usually want to know if you can deliver or have what it takes to do the job. They may want to know if you’re professional at what you do or truly a leader if you’re building a leadership brand. These are tangible qualities and are rational. They are there to get you through the gate. So, to appeal to your target audience, you must be able to show them that you have the right expertise, experience, education, certifications, and solid skills to provide them with what they need.

The emotional side refers more to soft skills like empathy, friendliness, loyalty, sense of humor, etc. These are also qualities or attributes you need to successfully appeal to your target audience, making them want to work or do business with you.

What are your benefits to the market?

Nobody will be interested in doing any business with you unless they see the benefits or reasons why they should. This is a reaction you must anticipate when planning to engage your target market with your personal brand. Mentioning your rational attributes is a good place to start. However, you’ll need more than that to pull your ideal audience. So, the right question to have at the back of your mind is, “What is in it for my audience?”

As an intrapreneur or entrepreneur or an aspiring influencer, you must always consider ways to add benefits to your audience. You must discover reasons good enough to convince someone to spend their energy, time, and money with you. When you have these, engage them on those levels placing their benefits above everything. These will also help you define your ideal audience and set the wheels of your brand in motion.

Attract them!

Now that you’ve discovered who your ideal audience is; outlined their attributes or persona, how to appeal to them as well as what they stand to gain from you, you can now set things in motion to attract them with your personal brand. Come up with ideas, channels, and tactics you can use to attract these clients. Create an entry point or a funnel and bring them in. Once you have them, create endless streams of valuable content that caters to their needs. Deliver and engage them with these contents and recommend yourself as the ideal business partner ready to help them faster in getting what they want.

Develop an emotional bond with your ideal clients

Personal branding is about communication and putting out the right impression about you. Put a face to your content. People are more inclined to respond to your content or buy into your services if they can see who they are communicating with. Don’t just post our branded content and messages. Engage with your audience on personal levels. By doing so you’ll be making an emotional connection with them. Build strong relationships with your audience, be consistent with your messages and make direct contacts with any potential client or employer if you have to.

Get Supporters

Not everyone who admires your ideas or shares your content will patronize you. A good number of these people who make your first target audience might eventually turn out to be fans and supporters who do not need your services. Do not write them off. These people are there to make recommendations about you and have your content shared across their network where your potential clients might also be. Supporters could be people working in the same industry as you, people interested in the same things as you, or people who find it interesting reading your blogs and guest posts. Work with this set of people to extend your reach.

It’s time to scale up!

Now that you know what your ideal audience looks like, engage with them, and conclude on what works best in terms of the channels, tactics, or methods used in attracting them, it’s time to scale up your efforts.

To do this, conduct several experiments and find out the best way to grow this audience organically. Record your experiments and the results and make sure you’ve reached out to the right persona before investing your time and money for self-promotion and scaling up.


Attracting the ideal audience using your personal brand can take a lot of time and effort however, once you have discovered who they are, test different channels and strategies that work best. With the right content, engagement, and investment, you’ll build an ideal and loyal audience, replicating the Tony Robbins effect.

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