I help rising stars, specialists, and entrepreneurs monetize their expertise with a personal brand that’s strategic, meaningful, and memorable.


Do you deserve a raise?

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Your biggest advocate.

I help rising stars, specialists, and entrepreneurs monetize their expertise by perfecting their personal brand.

As a result, they have more credibility and start to gain the notoriety and exposure they are seeking as industry experts. By perfecting their personal brands, they’re attracting more opportunities while still being their genuine, authentic selves.

You (yes, you) deserve to be free to live in your purpose and share it with others!

Let me help you find your voice and more strategically communicate your value. As we strengthen your personal brand, you'll come across as the authority for what you know and do best.

Become more poised and polished, identify your own authentic style, honor your talents, and attain a sense of confidence and success with me.

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With 15 years of experience successfully climbing the corporate ladder, leading recording-breaking marketing, communication, business development, and branding campaigns for small start-ups and publicly traded companies, I am poised to help you accomplish your career objectives with a profitable and impactful professional presence!

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