The purpose of HIRED AND HIGHER is to assist you through the employment process from submitting your resume through to you receiving the offer. Once you get the job, you’ll have a head start on with tips on how to network.

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During STRIVE AND THRIVE learn how to win over colleagues and supervisors by proving your competence and effectively managing your workload to demonstrate your commitment to organizational priorities.

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The purpose of MOBILIZE YOUR ENTERPRISE is to get you thinking and acting like a boss to make that natural transition into leadership roles, instead of hitting a glass ceiling. You’ll bolster your sense of self-assurance, come off more poised, and get ahead in the workplace.

This program and is not for the mildly motivated. #KNOWLIKETHRUST is designed for professionals who desire results and are ready to invest in themselves to learn cohesive strategies to thrust their brand and their business forward!

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I help rising stars prioritize their purpose and empower them with tools to dominate their call to excellence. My workshops and speaking topics are suitable for all levels of learning and can be tailored to suit your desired business objective, organization, or event.

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Tiffany, you are terrific! Thanks so much for spending time with me! I was really stuck and needed to move in the right direction, so I can be ready for more business. You provided me with clarity, hope, insight, and moved me in a direction where I feel successful instead of hopeless. Thank you!

— F. Jackson, Atlanta, GA



With 15 years of experience successfully climbing the corporate ladder, leading recording-breaking marketing, communication, business development, and branding campaigns for small start-ups and publicly traded companies, I am poised to help you accomplish your career objectives with a profitable and impactful professional presence!

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