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Young Businesswomen

They Don't Have to
Dim Their Light.

Your rising stars and executives can work with us to become more poised and polished, identify their own authentic style, honor their talents, and attain a sense of confidence and success. Together, we'll help you build, market, and profit from leadership and brand development.

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One-of-a-Kind VIP Day


This program provides a roadmap for the development of a successful personal brand in order to achieve specific goals. This solution is specifically designed to analyze, confront, and enhance a corporate professional's personal brand as it currently stands. I provide customized solutions to all of my clients and am an extremely results-oriented professional. I will work with you throughout the entire brand-building process to ensure your success.

​This program is for professionals seeking to:

Polish their appearance, gain more confidence, project more power, improve their interactions with others, and dramatically enhance their reputation within their organization, and their industry.

Build a public profile or attract a different type of client that requires you to reposition yourself or pave a new career path that requires you to reinvent yourself.

Launch a new entrepreneurial venture and make sure their brand is communicated clearly so they can become recognized as an authority or expert in their field.

Staff Meeting


Group Coaching


This professional leadership brand group coaching is designed for senior executives and specialists who want to kick their personal power and influence into overdrive. It gives them the opportunity to focus on areas in which they would like to grow their business acumen and professional presence. When thought leaders are authentic while presenting their value in a meaningful way, people will notice, and opportunities will appear. Their organizations also start to attract a tribe of supporters who carry their values and remain loyal to the brand. 

​This program is for professionals seeking to:

Experience profitable growth and embark upon a new career path with increased income and decreased hours, while executing measured risk-taking with a development strategy and benchmarked growth goals.

Position themselves for a promotion into a leadership role and develop greater synergy and accountability with their colleagues, while underscoring their commitment and developing greater trust throughout their organization.

Up-level their leadership skills, creating greater accountability, collaboration, and influence, while developing a new relationship with work / life balance and enhancing their commitment to self-care and awareness. 

Business People Applauding


Guest Speaking and Workshops


From a business perspective, the benefits of having your employees help build your corporate brand are very clear. However, there are equally important benefits in helping your employees build their own personal brands. Personal branding is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands. This practice helps your employees build their visibility and connections in the industry, helping establish them as online leaders in their field.

​This option is for you if you're seeking:

Improved diversity in your talent attraction and retention efforts: Having employees with strong personal brands raises your company’s profile as an employer and attracts talented aligned with your goals.

Increased ROI at on-site conferences, as well as online media engagement efforts: Having a stronger reputation in your industry helps establish your company's thought leadership in having trusted subject matter experts.

Increased employee retention: Providing your employees with leadership development and personal branding helps them grow within their own careers while remaining loyal to your employer brand.

Inclusive Leadership and Brand Development

Not ready for primetime,
but still eager to learn?

Image by Ella Jardim

There are few things more powerful than your personal brand. The more you focus on building it, the greater the results you’ll see. This is a beginner's guide to benefitting from your personal brand.

Image by Ella Jardim

The process of personal branding involves finding your uniqueness, building a reputation for the things you want to be known for - the things you are passionate about - and then allowing yourself to be known for them.

Image by Ella Jardim

The beauty of the side hustle (otherwise known as a portfolio career) is that, when done properly, it can create freedom for you. You can make money by turning your passion project into a profitable project.

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