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Are you an executive or entrepreneur needing help with leadership or brand development for you or your team? Tell us more about your specific challenges, and we'll work with you to tailor a program and approach built to your needs.

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Our coaches are experienced professional speakers and provide keynote, workshop, panel, and moderating services for meetings, conferences,  and events. Let's work together to explore the importance of inclusive leadership and brand development in today's business landscape. Through practical tips and real-life examples, your attendees will learn how to create and foster a culture of inclusion within their organizations and develop a solid personal brand to advance their leadership skills and careers.

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Do you like our content and enjoy following us on our blog and social platforms? Do you want to discuss your latest innovations and offerings, or are you looking for an opportunity to network with professionals in your industry? Reach out for a conversation about how we can collaborate.

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​Let us help you diversify the voices represented in your stories! We connect with reporters quickly to create expert talk-tracks based on validated evidence in the workplace and the marketplace. If you’re seeking an editorially independent, nonpartisan expert for your media outlets or news stories, work with us to amplify your message and give voice to the facts.

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According to a new report from global professional services company Accenture, US companies are leaving $1.05 trillion on the table by not being more top-down inclusive. Many C-suite executives think their organizations are inclusive and that most employees can be authentic. Yet, the research shows that employees don't exactly agree.

Watching talented people walk out the door causes organizations tremendous expense, from morale, advertising, recruitment, and relocation costs to time spent training new employees.​ Sophisticated leadership development programs develop a deeper, richer form of engagement with employees, which is why organizations today seek to unlock their talent pools' full potential at all levels.

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