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Working to gain

inclusivity at scale.



We've formed a conglomerate of inclusive leadership and brand development resources for rising stars and executives. We partner with organizations seeking to become the employer of choice for diverse talent by establishing strategic and sustainable pipelines and processes for developing, advancing, and promoting women and people of color.

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Colleagues Working Together


Our mission is to help diverse talent become more common in less common places.


It's our vision that individuals from all backgrounds are valued, respected, and have equal opportunities to advance and succeed within their organizations and industries.

Multiracial Colleagues

Our values are reflected in how we run our business, and how we do business.

We view everyone in our organization as a leader because we believe they are (or have the potential to be) our resident experts for their areas of responsibility and zones of genius. We approach our work with intentional integrity that requires a top-down commitment, supported by atomic habits and that is governed by radical candor.


As our workplaces become more diverse, global, and connected, integrity matters more than ever. We work to ensure everyone has a shared sense of what integrity means in the workplace and that they develop a strong, empowered voice to put that integrity into practice.


 We work to ensure that everyone is driving toward the same goals and that there is a clear sense of purpose and direction within our organization. When our leaders are fully committed to a particular objective, it sends a strong message to the rest of our partners and helps create a culture of alignment and focus.

Colleagues Working Together


By encouraging team members to regularly reflect on their habits and identify areas for improvement, we are creating an environment that values personal and professional development. This results in increased productivity, innovation, and overall organizational success for us and our clients.


We believe in being straightforward and honest with others, while also showing care and concern for their feelings and well-being. This allows for constructive feedback and open dialogue, which helps our team identify and address problems more effectively. 

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Common is a national executive coaching and leadership brand development consultancy established in Columbus, Ohio, by Tiffany Mack. Through in-person and online coaching, workshops, and curriculum-based courses, we help leaders build their presence, credibility, reputation, influence, and leadership skill in business.

We work with clients nationally, and our focus areas include leadership coaching and development, leadership presence, personal branding for leaders (also known as leadership branding), communication, self-leadership and mindset, relationship-building and networking, credibility, and reputation management.​

Let us help you set and meet targets for increasing diversity in leadership positions, implementing policies and practices that promote inclusivity, providing training and development opportunities for underrepresented groups, and regularly measuring and reporting on progress toward these goals. Together, we'll foster an environment where diverse perspectives are actively sought out and incorporated into decision-making processes.

​Let's develop your diverse leaders and their brands so that the right opportunities (ones that scale both in revenue and reach) find you.​

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