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To create an inclusive and effective organization, it is essential to understand the diversity within your company. Our team will help you conduct an inclusion audit and analysis to identify any challenges and strengths.


Based on this analysis, we will propose specific actions to bring about immediate changes and develop a long-term plan for cultural transformation.


By using diagnostic reports and consulting with staff, you can gain insight into any systemic or cultural barriers that may be hindering diversity. This will allow you to make informed decisions and create a more inclusive and effective business.

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of responses from employees who work at companies that lack diversity in leadership roles.

Diversity and inclusion are essential for building strong, successful organizations. However, a report by Harvard Business Review accounts for 78% of responses from employees who work at companies that lack diversity in leadership roles.


By creating a leadership team that reflects the diversity of our employees and customers, we can tap into a broader range of experiences, perspectives, and ideas, which drives innovation, creativity, and business growth. Assessing diversity representation in leadership is an essential first step toward creating an inclusive and equitable workplace culture.

A diversity and inclusion strategy design
that’s tailored to you

Understanding your organization’s leadership profile is the foundation on which to build a more inclusive business.


Before ideating your diversity leadership goals, you must find out which areas of your business fall short in terms of representation. As these shortcomings vary depending on each organization — and sometimes within organizations themselves — an analysis of your culture is the necessary first step to setting inclusive leadership goals. We work with you to identify existing areas of strength, as well as challenges and areas for improvement as you move towards systemic inclusion.


An in-depth review of your culture, diversity and inclusion processes, procedures

  • Gathering evidence and data to inform your diversity and inclusion strategy

  • Utilizing a flexible framework that can be customized to your organization's needs

  • Offering both qualitative and quantitative insights

  • Assessing your business challenges and areas of strength


Data collection and deep-dive analysis for evidence-based action-planning

  • Conducting remote, desk-based research using publicly available sources such as reports and libraries

  • Leveraging existing data to identify barriers to progress and draw out insights

  • Analyzing pay gap data, recruitment data, and staff survey data as part of the research process

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Applying a DEI review to address pre-identified challenges or barriers

  • Focusing on a specific function or workstream within your organization, such as recruitment or talent management

  • Integrating data analysis with staff experiences to create a comprehensive view of your organization's internal diversity and inclusion landscape

  • Identifying practical actions that can be taken to address challenges or barriers identified through the analysis


of job seekers feel workplace diversity is imperative while looking for job opportunities.

According to Glassdoor, 67% of job seekers feel workplace diversity is imperative while looking for job opportunities. Also, 50% of employees want their companies to focus on increasing workplace diversity.

Our recommendations will help you clarify your business priorities inclusion within your leadership development, improve communication with your staff, position your organization as an inclusive employer and service provider, and set clear objectives, timescales, and milestones for progress.


No matter which service you choose, you will receive a detailed report with practical recommendations that outline specific areas of focus for improvement. These recommendations will empower you to take action and make measurable progress in advancing DEI within your organization.

All our diversity audit, analysis, and diagnostic work include practical advice for the next steps, from low-cost quick wins for the short term to longer-term strategic priorities.

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